Polygonal Hair Test (WIP)

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In my last post, I challenged myself to do a convincing looking polygonal hair. I analyzed a lot of pictures of big animation studios, particularly the studio of Final Fantasy franchise. And I can tell you, that made a lot of difference.

I’m not yet, with an hair that looks incredible, but I think I’m in the way… The main problem right now, is the absence of shadows projected by the hair. For a more convincing look, I had to disable the shadows of the hair avoiding it to cast shadows in itself. But I do not figure a way out to cast the hair shadows in others objects (like the head). Maybe I can do that in the compositing? any suggestions?

This is what I got so far:


Learning about Blender Hair

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I do a lot of improvements in the eyes of my character. Most of the job was with color adjustments and the adition of the tear drop around the eye’s cornea. I think I found the secret about doing convincing looking eyes in blender! 🙂

In the meantime, with the improvements on the look of the character, I realized that the best to do is switch to particles hair instead of mesh hair. This will add A LOT to the realism. I’ve done some experiments with the particles hair, to learn how to tame the “bad hair day” in Blender. Of course that I got some weird results to show, considering that I do not have enough knowledge with the Blender’s particles hair. I’ll have to learn and try to achieve some good results! 😛

Check out the progress so far, and some weird results of the particles hair:


Head Almost Done!

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I’ve just finish working on the skin shader for my female character. The head is almost done, I just want to improve the eyes and the hair shaders. Maybe I’ll switch to particles hair, since Blender does not support anisotropic specularity, required to make a realistic shader for polygons’s hair. I’m really frustated about it. How Blender does not offers support for anisotropic specularity? Anyway, That’s it for today! 🙂