Head Almost Done!

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I’ve just finish working on the skin shader for my female character. The head is almost done, I just want to improve the eyes and the hair shaders. Maybe I’ll switch to particles hair, since Blender does not support anisotropic specularity, required to make a realistic shader for polygons’s hair. I’m really frustated about it. How Blender does not offers support for anisotropic specularity? Anyway, That’s it for today! 🙂


Quick Render Test of the Head

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I made one quick render of the head just for test how it interact with the lights and the Sub Surface Scattering. I think I’ll need to do some minor adjustments in the mesh before unwrap and start texturing. But I’m very glad with the overhall result. I can now consider the modeling done! 😉

Female Head Modeling Progress

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Today was a very productive day. I almost finished modeling the details of the head. The eyes and the ears are completed. 🙂
However, I’m intend to do some changes in the eyes later on, bringing a little more shape to them.
But for today i’m very happy with the results. The next steps will be bringing details to the mouth and nose. 😉

See below, a picture of the progress so far…