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Environment Art: Hindu Temple – The concepts

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I’m using my vacation to practice my skills as an Environment Artist. I intend to create an environment not very big, but with many details. For this, I intend to use Blender as my main tool for modeling and texturing, and perhaps to render using the game engine. I say “perhaps” because the Blender Game Engine, is very limitedcompared to other Engines on the market today, and this may influence the quality of the final result.

My inspiration is focused on the ancient Hindu temples in Indonesia. Especially the Sacred Monkey Forest and Angkor Wat. Here are some reference photos:

I already have something modeled and textured. And also, I have made available for download at Blend Swap, the .blend of first Hindu statue that I made for the scenario. See a picture:

Interactive 3D Model in p3d.in

Download 3D Model from Blender Swap.

Well, that’s it for now. Later, I’ll post some more of the modeling and texturing of the scenario, and how is the progress in general! 😉

Buddha Statue (Click to view in 3D)
Buddha Statue (Click to view in 3D)