Particles Hair are Frustrating!

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After I spend all day trying to control the hair’s shape achieved with particles hair. I think I’ll gave up! For short hair is not big deal. But when you’re trying to achieve mid or long hair, it’s a terrible nightmare!!! You don’t have much control of what is going on in the hair. For me, this is the most dificult task to achieve in blender!

The manipulators aren’t precise. And the worse is that you can’t control the distance between the hair root and the start of the hair deformation, making the hair penetrating the head giving awful results.

the images below is the best results I got after a day of study, tests and frustrations…

After today, I decided that I’ll forget the use of particles hair, and study a little more the mesh hair. I already learned how to do the anisotropic specularity for the mesh hair, and this is awesome!

I’ll analise how the Square Enix does the hair for the Final Fantasy Franchise. The majority of their characters uses mesh’s hair, and they are awesome! So, the challenge is launched! 😉

See below what i’m aiming to achieve:


Texture Projection on the Head

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Today I used one very cool add-on for Blender: Bprojection. With it you can use real images to paint the texture direct over your object. Is a really fun task. After I finished paint my character head, I’ve opened it on Photoshop to do some adjusts, finishing with a very good result.

There is a very good video tutorial about this add-on on Blender Cookie. Below, I’ll post the links for the add-on, also for the video tutorial.

This is the result of the texture projection in Blender:

After I’ve finished this character and gain enough knowledge, I intend to do some making-of series with tips and tutorials about my workflow in this project! 😉

Environment Art: Hindu Temple – Texturing Test

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I’ve just finished the texturing of a shrine, and I am very happy with the result. There were hours and hours of work to creating the textures, adding layers of “dirt”, layers of “moss” and to adjusting the coloration. Finally I reach the level of detail that I wanted. Check out the pictures below for my progress so far.

Now it’s time for bed. Leave your feedback in the comments! ;P