Major Adjustments in the Head Mesh

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After two months without doing any progress in my female character, due the lack of free time. I came back, and, before continue with the hair. I had to do some very important adjustments in the head model.

Thanks to Jeannot Landry (a very active user from Blender Artists Forum) Who helped me out with some issues in the proportions of the head. My female character doesn’t look like an alien anymore. And now, she possesses traits more realistic and feminine.

Improving the head proportions


Better Head Proportions

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By just moving vertices and correcting proportions, I was able to jump to another level in my head modeling. Several times I just gave up of finishing my early characters models, just because I always ended up with some weird shapes. Now I understood that you have to be patient and based on photo references try to correct the proportions and shapes as much as needed. 3d modeling is definitly an art. And you have to be dedicated and persistent to achieve good results. 😉

See below, my progress this afternoon:

Female Head Modeling Progress

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Today was a very productive day. I almost finished modeling the details of the head. The eyes and the ears are completed. 🙂
However, I’m intend to do some changes in the eyes later on, bringing a little more shape to them.
But for today i’m very happy with the results. The next steps will be bringing details to the mouth and nose. 😉

See below, a picture of the progress so far…