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Photoshop Timelapse

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Hey guys, no big news on the Resident Evil project… Actually I’m finishing the modeling of the room where Marvin meets Leon / Claire on Resident Evil 2 and I want to progress a little more before show something…

In the mean time, I want to show some Photoshop timelapses from my latest artworks. Hope you like it! šŸ˜‰


Classic Resident Evil Game Remake

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During the past few months, I’ve been working on a new project. After the frustration that was the last game in the Resident Evil series (RE6). I decided to create something to satisfy my desire for a Resident Evil game in the old fashioned way…

I do not know if I can make a game completely, but I’m having a great time trying to recreate the Raccoon Police Department of the old Resident Evil games.

For this project, I had to learn how to work with the UDK. I would like to do the whole project in Blender, but I wish to create graphs that seem relevant within the current industry standard of video games, and unfortunately Blender has its shortcomings when it comes to game engine!

I’ve completed two rooms of the Raccoon Police Department, and I intend to do at least all 17 rooms of the first floor of the police station. It’s too much work for one person, I know! But I really like the previous games in the Resident Evil series, it will be a pleasure to have all that effort!

Check out the first room video:

And some screenshots of the last room that I’ve made:

wip blog 1

wip blog 2

wip blog 3

wip blog 4

wip blog 5

wip blog 6

wip blog 7


And the video:

Major Adjustments in the Head Mesh

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After two months without doing any progress in my female character, due the lack of free time. I came back, and, before continue with the hair. I had to do some very important adjustments in the head model.

Thanks to Jeannot LandryĀ (a very active user from Blender Artists Forum) Who helped me out with some issues in the proportions of the head. My female character doesn’t look like an alien anymore. And now, she possesses traits more realistic and feminine.

Improving the head proportions