Hindu Temple

Environment Art: Hindu Temple – Texturing Test

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I’ve just finished the texturing of a shrine, and I am very happy with the result. There were hours and hours of work to creating the textures, adding layers of “dirt”, layers of “moss” and to adjusting the coloration. Finally I reach the level of detail that I wanted. Check out the pictures below for my progress so far.

Now it’s time for bed. Leave your feedback in the comments! ;P


Environment Art: Hindu Temple – Sculpted Statue

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Last night, I encouraged myself to try to use Blender Sculpt Mode. I had never used before, and to my surprise I was able to achieve a nice result. My intention was to create a normal map texture with a high level of detail for a low poly 3d model. In the picture below, from left to right you can see the comparison of statues in low poly, after the sculpture and the low poly 3d model with normal map texture applied.

In order to create a powerful LoD (Level of Detail) in the Blender Game Engine, I also created a normal map texture of the statue to be applied on a plane, generating light effects more detailed with a significant reduction of polygons. See the flat normal map texture below:

Flat Normal Map Texture of the statue.

That’s it folks! If anyone wants to know the process to create a normal map texture like this, just post a comment below! 😉

Environment Art: Hindu Temple – The concepts

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I’m using my vacation to practice my skills as an Environment Artist. I intend to create an environment not very big, but with many details. For this, I intend to use Blender as my main tool for modeling and texturing, and perhaps to render using the game engine. I say “perhaps” because the Blender Game Engine, is very limitedcompared to other Engines on the market today, and this may influence the quality of the final result.

My inspiration is focused on the ancient Hindu temples in Indonesia. Especially the Sacred Monkey Forest and Angkor Wat. Here are some reference photos:

I already have something modeled and textured. And also, I have made available for download at Blend Swap, the .blend of first Hindu statue that I made for the scenario. See a picture:

Interactive 3D Model in p3d.in

Download 3D Model from Blender Swap.

Well, that’s it for now. Later, I’ll post some more of the modeling and texturing of the scenario, and how is the progress in general! 😉

Buddha Statue (Click to view in 3D)
Buddha Statue (Click to view in 3D)