Finished my first female character: Amelia

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My first female character in Blender

After a long time of researches and tests. I finally finished my first female character in Blender. I’ve learned a lot with this project, especially in not giving up! Sometimes, some results may be hard to conquer, but with dedication and study you can do anything!

I learned a lot about topology and proportions, and definitly my next project will be a lot better than this one.

Let me know what you think, any criticism is welcome!


Major Adjustments in the Head Mesh

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After two months without doing any progress in my female character, due the lack of free time. I came back, and, before continue with the hair. I had to do some very important adjustments in the head model.

Thanks to Jeannot Landry (a very active user from Blender Artists Forum) Who helped me out with some issues in the proportions of the head. My female character doesn’t look like an alien anymore. And now, she possesses traits more realistic and feminine.

Improving the head proportions

Polygonal Hair Test (WIP)

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In my last post, I challenged myself to do a convincing looking polygonal hair. I analyzed a lot of pictures of big animation studios, particularly the studio of Final Fantasy franchise. And I can tell you, that made a lot of difference.

I’m not yet, with an hair that looks incredible, but I think I’m in the way… The main problem right now, is the absence of shadows projected by the hair. For a more convincing look, I had to disable the shadows of the hair avoiding it to cast shadows in itself. But I do not figure a way out to cast the hair shadows in others objects (like the head). Maybe I can do that in the compositing? any suggestions?

This is what I got so far: