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Environment Art: Hindu Temple – Sculpted Statue

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Last night, I encouraged myself to try to use Blender Sculpt Mode. I had never used before, and to my surprise I was able to achieve a nice result. My intention was to create a normal map texture with a high level of detail for a low poly 3d model. In the picture below, from left to right you can see the comparison of statues in low poly, after the sculpture and the low poly 3d model with normal map texture applied.

In order to create a powerful LoD (Level of Detail) in the Blender Game Engine, I also created a normal map texture of the statue to be applied on a plane, generating light effects more detailed with a significant reduction of polygons. See the flat normal map texture below:

Flat Normal Map Texture of the statue.

That’s it folks! If anyone wants to know the process to create a normal map texture like this, just post a comment below! 😉