Procedural Shader: Mahogany Wood

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Hi Folks! I’ve been doing some experiments with procedural shaders. My main goal is to achieve pretty realistic materials and highly customizable.
My first result is this wood shader, mainly for use in furnitures. Besides of the procedural wood texture, I’ve made some customizations like some scratches in the surface and the possibility of put some dust for a more realistic result with furnitures.

Mahogany Wood

With all this details, the node setup for this shader has become quite complex . But I put all the main configurations for the shader in a node group, this way its use becomes quite simple and intuitive. You can see below some description of the shader’s features:

Mahogany Wood shader node setup




One thought on “Procedural Shader: Mahogany Wood

    Loren Osborn said:
    25 de June de 2016 at 18:02

    I like your work. I don’t see you specify how you are licensing your downloads for reuse. I believe, unless you explicitly specify how content you create is licensed, you are (in the US at least) automatically granted a copyright (assuming that it is something copyrightable). This prohibits others from reusing it in their projects without expressed permission from you. I suspect for building block content (like shaders, etc.) this is unlikely to be your intent. If you wish to allow others to reuse your work, you might want to look into Creative Commons:

    Thank you for your brilliant artwork.

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