Major Adjustments in the Head Mesh

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After two months without doing any progress in my female character, due the lack of free time. I came back, and, before continue with the hair. I had to do some very important adjustments in the head model.

Thanks to Jeannot Landry (a very active user from Blender Artists Forum) Who helped me out with some issues in the proportions of the head. My female character doesn’t look like an alien anymore. And now, she possesses traits more realistic and feminine.

Improving the head proportions


2 thoughts on “Major Adjustments in the Head Mesh

    Donnie Cannon said:
    30 de November de 2012 at 17:50

    Looks Great! So, this is not particle hair correct? I would like to know how you acheived this with mesh hair. If you wouldnt mind giving me some of your time, please chat with me via email!

      Giovanni Lucca responded:
      22 de December de 2012 at 3:53

      I’ll post a tutorial about mesh hair very soon! 😉

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